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Buccan Slow Juicer


SKU: BCN-5551-1

Dishwasher Safe
Fully detachable for easy cleaning

Healthier Fruit Extraction
Preserves juice nutrition

Anti-slip Silicon Feet
Completely stable during operation

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Want a glass of fresh juice with a higher nutritional value with your breakfast every day? This is possible in no time with the electric slow juicer from Buccan. Because the juice is extracted at a lower speed of 50 RPM, there’s less oxidation and heat build-up, resulting in a higher vitamin and nutritional level.

The Buccan juicer is made of high quality materials with an elegant rose gold finish and fits into any interior. The machine is equipped with anti-slip silicon feet, so it stays perfectly in place during operation. To ensure your countertop stays clean, an anti-drip silicon cap has been fitted. It can be used for many kinds of fruits or vegetables, such as a lemons, apples, limes, carrots and more.

With this juicer you don’t have to be afraid of nuisance, as it’s is equipped with a strong and quiet motor of 150W, so you can prepare a breakfast in bed without waking anybody.

Because we know that nobody likes cleaning up after juicing, we made sure all parts are detachable and 100% dishwasher safe. Simply remove them after you’ve used the juicer and let the dishwasher do the rest!