Buccan Airfryer – 1.6L


SKU: BCN-5101-1

Compact and Lightweight Design
Suitable for any environment

Adjustable Temperature Control
Control temperature from 80-200℃

Dishwasher Safe Parts
For easy cleaning

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We all love the flavor of fried food. The Buccan airfryer allows you fry delicious food at home, without the extra fat. Since our airfryer uses a strong 1000w heater and a fan to fry your food, it’ll be ready quicker than when using a conventional oven.

A single basket with a removable tray has been used to make sure you’ll get the most capacity out of this compact design. The rubber grips on the removable tray make sure it stays in place while serving food. Any excess fat is captured at the bottom of the basket during the frying process, so it’s easy to clean. The black with rose gold color combination makes this airfryer a modern addition to your kitchen.

Due to its compact size of 1.6L capacity, this Buccan Airfryer is ideal to create smaller portions.  The basket is large enough to fit up to 3 portions. The variable temperature control from 80-200℃ and timer of up to 30 minutes allows you to cook anything from French fries, snacks, chicken, brownies to fish. Because of the powerful air circulation in our airfryer, fries are just as crispy as when cooked in a deep fryer.

Because we know that nobody likes cleaning up after cooking, we made sure the non-stick basket and removable tray are 100% dishwasher safe. Simply remove them after you’ve used the airfryer and let the dishwasher do the rest.